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SABAWON’s 3 years Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016

SABAWON’s strategic plan for years 2014 – 2016 is to act as an innovative humanitarian organization that is committed to strengthen the poverty stricken and crisis ridden communities out of reach of mainstream services and resources. Shaped by our vision and mission, SABAWON considers two main thematic goals for the period 2014 – 2016. The goals are;

  • Contributing in improved social services delivery standards in urban and peri urban areas with active participation of communities 
  • Strengthening resilience of communities in rural areas through social mobilization and community empowerment enabling them to contribute in development processes.

Scope of work
SABAWON intends to perform its role during the 3 years period with a focus on good governance and community mobilization for enabling the poor communities to plan and mobilize resources for sustainable social and economic development.

SABAWON will achieve these goals through direct interventions in various focused regions of Pakistan including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, Punjab and AJK through donors’ funded projects. To further support our work, we will maintain liaison with funding partner organizations. In our focused geographic areas, we will continue our efforts towards poverty alleviation and raising human development profile of indigenous communities. SABAWON will continue to build social cohesion among the people and will contribute in establishing communities that are better able to cope with natural disaster.

Financial Strategy
Whereas, SABAWON being a nonprofit organization has not been driven by profit making aspiration, however, the development programs and organizational projects require funding for continuation of operations and the organization cannot sustain in case of no availability of donors funds without some form of cross subsidization.

SABAWON’s Business model is based on the modality that ensures our projects are operational with proper funding and our day to day work is not duly affected by unpredictable financial constraints. SABAWON does not expect intensive financial constraints in near future as it has long term affiliation with funding partners like Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Funds (PPAF), UNICEF etc however incase of occurrence of financial difficulties, SABAWON’s core team with assistance from supervisory board expedite its efforts to find projects for ensuring sustainable continuation of organizational activities of SABAWON.

For organizational development in future, SABAWON needs to demonstrate its capability of producing results to international funding organizations. As an NGO, SABAWON is not able to compete directly with large international organizations on high enumerations salaries and conditions of employment; however SABAWON has aspiration and commitment to be an employer of choice by providing good working environment, opportunities for making difference and flexible terms of employment.