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Future Plans of SABAWON

SABAWON has plans to embark on diversified community oriented development as well as welfare projects in child rights, education, health, environment, gender and development, poverty reduction, capacity building and training and in other related sectors in poverty stricken communities across the country living in crisis ridden environments. SABAWON possess rich resources in terms of development professionals who have specialized knowledge in range of thematic areas and can undertake any community-related project to deliver results. SABAWON has more than 10 regional offices across the country in various districts, which are supervised by regional program managers.

SABAWON has an inspiring history of working with world renowned and highly reputed humanitarian organizations. In future, SABAWON is determined to further expand its network and reaches to those communities who are living in distress and eminently requires humanitarian assistance. SABAWON aims to improve the health and quality of life of rural people through enhanced access to safe drinking water, safe sanitation facilities and improved hygiene practices along with increased livelihood opportunities and access to improved social services.