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Dear Viewer,

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of SABAWON. SABAWON was established in 1994, over the past years, we faced enormous challenges as well as sought opportunities where the organization made significant achievements through strengthening existing and establishing new partnerships while expanding outreach to new geographic regions of Pakistan in the fight against poverty and promoting equity as well as inclusive development.

SABAWON has been conducting both development programs and emergency humanitarian projects in different geographic regions of Pakistan. While organizational byelaws allows and SABAWON’s work history manifests, SABAWON has implemented successful projects across the country from the plains of Punjab to the valleys of AJK, to the peaks of FATA and to the passes of KPK, the primary focus of SABAWON is on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and surrounding FATA region.

Year 2015 was a crucial time manifested by improvement in law and order situation primarily in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province though challenges are still persisting as about one million IDPs especially from North Waziristan wait for returning homes. In 2015, in city of Paris, 187 countries pledged collective actions to cut carbon emissions, which increases responsibility of our government to put into place policies that contribute in promoting our energy system.

The Organization managed to achieve outstanding progress in bringing positive improvement in the lives of crisis ridden poor communities residing in far flung geographic regions of the country. SABAWON’s teams showed amazing courage and resilience while serving the communities in FATA and FR areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. SABAWON worked on varied themes in 2015. We established new working relationships with donor agencies, expanded the scope of work as well as continued work on implementing different ongoing projects. We expanded SABAWON’s outreach to District Jhang Punjab Pakistan to serve the rural communities, who are living in extreme poverty confronted with natural disasters and poverty. We made measurable improvements in the lives of downtrodden war suffering communities, we also engaged with other civil society organizations and government institutions for improving the standards of social services delivery, we reaffirmed our affiliation in the NGO sector both at regional and national level.

We are grateful to our donors for providing financial support to our development projects and programs.  We are thankful to our Board of Directors who always extends sincere guidance and support in policy matters. Finally I acknowledge the outstanding efforts of the entire management, professionals and support staff, especially those who are working in far flung rural areas of the country in difficult conditions. This report highlights the achievements accomplished by SABAWON on different working themes including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion, Capacity Building/trainings, Social Mobilization and Community Development, infrastructure Construction/Development, Poverty Alleviation, Modern Farming techniques, Irrigation and Clean Energy.

I am sincerely extending heartiest gratitude to all SABAWON’s staff members for their utmost efforts and their tremendous support to the distressed communities in different hard to reach and far flung areas across the country.

Muhammad Tariq
Chief Executive, SABAWON